Water Supply and Distribution

The water system is fed by the well which is approximately 200 feet deep. From there it is piped to 2 external locations (dairy barn and hog house), as well as into the main house.

In the residence, water is passed through a water conditioner (not a water softener), and then onto the Viega Monobloc. Here it is piped to each individual plumbing fixture, and additionally into the Stiebel Elton Tempra Plus 24 instantaneous water heater.

The water conditioner is designed to “suspend” the particles that cause hard water, thereby stopping them from attaching to a surface and creating issues related to water hardness.

The Tempra Plus 24 instantaneous water heater is capable of heating about 2.5 gallons a minute of water to 120f. It is a bottomless water heater.

The Viega Monobloc is a brilliant piece of equipment that allows for all water distribution to be controlled from a central point. All the appliances etc., are fed by individual PEX pipes. Hot water for basins is fed via 3/8 piping which results in the water getting to the tap quicker, and because the volume of water in the pipe is half that of a standard 1/2 pipe, there is a much lower loss of hot water while the tap is left running for the water to heat up.