The railway is setup in the East end of the house. Initially the room had a cupboard for the washer/dryer and another for the furnace/water softener/water heater. The latter three have all been moved to a central location in the house, partly occupying an existing bathroom.

The cupboard for the washer dryer was removed, as was the sink. Most of the piping was left in situ although the water supply was disconnected. The other cupboard was reduced by about 2/3rds and a new door fitted. This cupboard now has the central vac as well as acting as a store room for some building materials.

The area recovered from making the smaller cupboard also had new flooring added and is now houses an exercise machine.

The existing concrete area was repainted with a grey vinyl coating.  The opacity was not that great and several coats were needed.  Also, it did not seem to dry very well, maybe due to the cooler temperature in the room at time of application.  Fortunately it is mostly hidden under the layout.

Work including some new framing to hide the chimney and some of the HVAC vents. Then drywall was used to finish the framing and fill any large holes in the drywall created during construction.

The room was very dark prior. To lighten the ceiling was painted a flat matte white and the walls in an very light green eggshell finish.

New lighting was installed. 3 LED down lights over the railway, 2 over the center part of the room and one over the exercise area.

The room has been furnished with a three piece suite, a set of bookshelves/media center and a number of paintings/drawings adorn the walls.

Interesting fact: The stop valve for the incoming hot water was surrounded by a furnace, drywall and a 4×2. To turnoff water: Break wall!!!