Yard Equipment

A MF GC 2410 is the main equipment used to maintain the yard.  This has a loader and backhoe.

A secondary mover is a White LT 1650.  This is mainly used for secondary trimming, trailer loads etc.

A seven reel Pro-mow mower is used for the majority of grass cutting.  Coupled with the 2410 it is capable of cutting all the grass in an hour.  Apart from speed benefits include no nasty grass “bands” such as those left by a rotary mower, and a cleaner cut.  The cutting action, much the same as the way scissors work, promotes better grass health as it is cut clean, and not ripped such as with a rotary mower.  The only downside is that is requires a little more maintenance, which is acceptable given the amount of time it saves.  Additionally it could be called the “green” mower as it appears to use about one third the fuel used by a conventional rotary mower.