Combines arrived next door today for the oats.

Vegetables doing well. Potatoes, peas, beans, cauliflower, zucchini, tomatoes cabbage and sweet corn all ready at present. Will have to eat more!!

Finishing up tidy up from electrical work. Cultivated outside front door/near to new transformer. Will sow grass seed.


The silo barn now has 3 LED floodlights upstairs (pretty bright at night!), and a motion activated one on the south side. The wiring clutter inside has been cleared up and new 15 and 20 amp quad outlets added upstairs and one one downstairs. Added GFCI protection to outlets.

All the outlets outside the house are now GFCI or on a GFCI circuit and have proper i.e. to code weather proof outlets.


Inside making progress on home office. Installed 12 way power strip. In the process managed to dispose of 3 plastic ones. New secondary UPS on order after APC one seemed to come over sensitive to incoming mains. Maybe there is too much noise on the lien.

The solar panels are going well. Alliant came to read the meter. The poor guy they sent didn’t know what all the figures were and had to call me later. What amuses me is this type of meter can normally be remotely read. It seems as I am sending power to the grid and have a dual rate plan, it is too complicated to do this!!